Baked Ziti

Oven-baked pasta such as Baked Ziti has a long, remarkable history. Making delicious pasta dishes was a perfect opportunity for a person to show off their cooking creativity. Baked pasta, aka pasta al forno, was adopted all over Italy. Baked pasta has become a staple dish all over southern Italy, where it’s usually made on holidays, special occasions, and Sunday dinner. They call it piatto unico, one a complete meal.

Yesterday, I decided a long overdue update needed to take place on one of my recipes from 2014, Baked Ziti, lord how did Y’all put up with my pictures back then? I always look back at my images from then and want to cry from the embarrassment of them. Whew thank you for being kind followers of mine, I sure am blessed to have you as friends and followers. I am always looking for ways to improve your experience here on the blog.Baked ZitiEvery Italian-American has their own take on what they consider Baked Ziti, some add mushrooms, onions, and ground beef; I prefer my Baked Ziti with hot Italian Sausage, green and red bell peppers, onions, and heavy garlic aka Italian Gold. That’s the awesome thing about Baked Ziti- enjoy it the way you want. Really the only ingredients set in stone is the ziti noodles, a great sauce, and quality ricotta cheese.

I also prefer using sliced fresh mozzarella cheese over those bags of shredded mozzarella cheese or blocks of cheese; the flavor is like comparing apples to oranges. If you prefer using the other you can, but seriously just once you have to try it with fresh instead—OMG it is so darn good. I love how it melts so much better too. Trust me on this one ladies and gents.

Baked Ziti and Italian Sausage

I hope you enjoy my recipe for Baked Ziti as much as we do here at the McCallum Household. It’s really fairly easy to make. If you try it be sure to come back and let me know what you think because I love hearing from you. Be sure to use quality organic tomatoes when making the sauce, it just turns out so much better than the regular ones. I never need to add sugar to my sauce when I use quality organic tomatoes.


Things you will need to make the recipe:

  • kosher salt
  • organic ziti pasta
  • organic olive oil
  • Italian hot sausage links
  • fresh ricotta
  • basil leaves
  • a homemade red sauce
  • fresh mozzarella cheese, sliced

 See the recipe for –> Baked Ziti



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