Building a great relationship with your recipe blog

Have you ever wondered how to build a great relationship with your recipe blog when you are frustrated and ready to throw in the towel? I sure have, and I decided to share how not to go full-blown crazy trying to do it with my Easy, “How-to” about Building a great relationship with your recipe blog.

Blogging isn’t an easy task, often you will find you almost have a love-hate relationship with your blog. Your blog is a little tiny family member who demands a lot of attention; like your 3-year-old you blog also requires devotion, love, and mothering.

Building a great relationship with your recipe blog

What do you do when you get annoyed with your blog?

Many bloggers get so frustrated after blogging a few years and not making money as they once expected they throw their hands in the air in disgust and say, “That’s it I have had it!” then walk away from their blog on a new life mission.

My next question would you do that to your 3-year-old child because he or she wasn’t living up to your expectations? Of course, you wouldn’t. You would figure out a way to build a better relationship with your 3-year-old. Wouldn’t you?

I know you are thinking that’s not the same at all. Well, in a way yes it is. You see this was your dream, you visioned this wonderful dream and made it happen. Just like when you envisioned your first-born child. Remember what I said about blogs being a family member who demands a lot of attention, like your 3-year-old it requires devotion, love, and mothering?

Blogs are very much so like fickle, picky, demanding children, and need a firm but loving hand to build a warm loving, caring, relationship with them. They need to be coaxed, soothed, changed, and feed information to grow just like your 3-year-old.

I decided to write this blog post tonight because sometimes we need a good pep talk, on occasion I could have used this pep talk. After blogging over 4 years, I find that if I had let myself become overwhelmed by it, it may well have become my abandoned child.

Building a great relationship with your recipe blog

How do I build a great relationship with my recipe blog?

  1. Stop expecting so much from your blog, let your blog flow naturally, just like a child it will learn to develop its own unique personality.
  2. Keep it simple stupid stop trying to outdo all the other blogger’s recipes, most readers like a straightforward recipe they can actually carry out or relate to in the kitchen, you’re not Wolfgang Puck by any means yet.
  3. Don’t massacre a famous recipe just to be diverse in the blogging world. I can not tell you how many times I have cringed reading blog posts that have famous recipes so-called modified and updated. Most of the time, the integrity of the recipe has become destroyed and the blogger is taking a free ride on the skirt tails of a celebrity chef. Be creative but do not, I repeat do not destroy a famous recipe by changing it so much it’s unrecognizable. You will only eventually become the talk of the town in a bad way, which will, in turn, cause unintended stress in your future.
  4. Invest in the important things a decent camera, a few much-needed props, you can always buy things as you need them or upgrade as your budget allows for.
  5. Set and stay within your blogging budget most of us aren’t independently wealthy in the blogging world, so don’t be afraid of the Ross’s, Marshalls, Bealls Outlets, Dollar General, Dollar Bargain, or Big Lot stores. I have found a ton of wonderful props in these locations. Overswinging your blogging budget often brings undue stress when you are already struggling with blogging.
  6. Learn to share with your audience without over sharing your personal life. One of the biggest downfalls or causes of stress for bloggers is sharing too much information about their personal lives with their audience or other bloggers. TMI isn’t your friend and will usually backfire on you if it has not already.
  7. Most of all take a little time for yourself don’t be afraid to call a sitter, what do I mean by that? Don’t be afraid to ask blogger friends that have similar blogging styles, to do a guest post here and there. It not only helps build new readers for both of you, it often allows you to take a day of rest or a week if needed.
  8. Learn to enjoy your blog and the time spent on your blog,  just like you would enjoy spending time with your child. Your blog will gleam with happiness and grow with nurturing.
  9. Consistency is vital to the success of your blog. You should maintain a  calendar or simply choose to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Consistency means being in it for the long haul.
  10. Always hold yourself accountable, you can blame your blog’s stalled growth on Google, Facebook, competing bloggers, or your hosting company, but ultimately, you are the boss.
  11. Most of all blog what you love, and love what you blog.

To be continued…

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