Cajun-Style Tomato Gravy

Cajun-Style Red Gravy is one of the most delicious tomato gravies you will ever taste; made with a homemade roux never cornstarch, vine-ripened tomatoes, the Holy trinity of celery, onions peppers, Cajun spices and often served over grits, fresh hot homemade biscuits, fish, chicken, meatloaf, and even fried steak for a pure Cajun-Style comfort food experience.

cajun-red-gravy1There are many versions of this yummy Red gravy here in the South such as Cajun Red Gravy, Southern Tomato Gravy, Creole Sauce, and piquant sauce all will have slightly different ingredients, textures, thickness, and tastes. Depending on where you are located here in the South will depend on how you make your Red Gravy/Tomato Gravy 

Southerners sure are gravy lovers and most are guaranteed to have down pat a 100% proper roux method for our beloved Southern  gravies too. That’s the most important part of our Southern Gravy Tradition. This when we bring out our well-seasoned hand-me-down cast iron skillet and show we mean business.Making Cajun-Style Gravy in a cast iron is the best method; however, if you do not have one a regular metal skillet will do.

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