It’s the year to break out all your favorite wing recipe for football parties. Are your wings ready for football season? It’s time to make a game plan if not. Football fans, beer, wings, and nachos are in demand for the season, and I have just the recipe for you and your friends this football season.

Deliciously baked, not fried tangy Baked BBQ’d Chipotle Lime Wings are as simple as 1-2-3, budget-friendly, and perfect for your next Sunday game day. Baked BBQ’d Chipotle Lime Wings are perfectly seasoned with a slightly spicy honey chipotle BBQ sauce and a hint of fresh lime juice to balance the flavors.


Are your wings ready for football season?


I love to munch on the neighborhood bar and pub chicken wings. However, I refuse to pay almost 12 bucks or more for them to bring me so luke-warm-tasting fried chicken wings. I mean, seriously? 12 bucks? Forget about it! I can go to Publix or any local market and buy 3 pounds of chicken wings for 10-12 dollars, depending on the sales ad running that week.

Over the years, I have made it my personal quest to make deliciously baked, not fried, crispy chicken wings. This Baked BBQ’d Chipotle Lime Wings are one of my most requested wing recipes by friends and family on game night. They turn out perfectly every time and are foolproof to make for even wing baking beginners.

This year you won’t have to order take-out wings for your party or sit and the neighborhood Bar and Grill to get great-tasting, crispy chicken wings. You also won’t have to worry about paying through the nose to enjoy your wings with this recipe—->

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