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Easy Southern-Style Coca-Cola Cake

Down in the Southern states, we are known for loving and adoring our Southern-Style Coca-Cola Cakes. What’s a Coca-Cola Cake you ask? It’s a sinfully delicious, chocolaty cake, made with pure love, fluffy white marshmallows, and one of our all-time favorite cold refreshing drinks; Coca-Cola

I know some of y’all Northerners are wondering why we tossed those odd ingredients in that chocolate cake? Now those two ingredients may seem a bit odd, however, here in the South, they are the secret ingredient to a perfectly rich, sinful,  delicious,  slice of heaven.

You’ll find the Coca-Cola Cake is a must for our Southern social gatherings, church potlucks, and family celebrations. The bubbly Coca-cola adds a sweetness and fluffy airiness to the Coca-Cola Cake that you can’t make with an ordinary chocolate plain Jane cake.

After sifting through a million recipes on the worldwide net; I was a bit overwhelmed with a ton of claims to the original recipe when it came to the creation, different versions of Coca-Cola scratch cakes, and a nice fat headache. On a last-ditch effort,  I decided hit up one of my favorite sources for food history and what did I find?

I love eating a good scratch cake when it comes to a Southern-Style Coca-Cola Cake, however, last year I decided to try a little something to make my life easier on busy days; well I have to tell you it sure worked like a charm and fooled everyone. See my secret to saving time and money on this Southern family tradition Easy Southern-Style Coca-Cola Cake –>



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