Simple Black Jasmine Rice Salad is the perfect salad for summer. When it comes together it has so many appealing textures and outstanding flavors, including mildly nutty organic Black Jasmine rice, fresh organic vegetables such as ripe diced tomatoes, red salad onions, non-GMO corn,  spicy jalapeño peppers, garden-grown parsley and cilantro dressed with simple dressing of lime and freshly squeezed orange juice with a hint of seasoning.


simple-black-rice-saladSimple Black Jasmine Rice Salad is a super delicious and healthy menu item you will love serving to your family. I can not help but wonder how something so delicious can be so beneficial and guilt-free. The ingredients come together like a happily married couple of 45 years walking in the park holding hands with smiles on their faces. YES! It’s that damn good!!

Black Jasmine rice has a mild but distinct nutty flavor that  goes so well with the ingredients in this salad. For years, I have made what I call my “Spanish Simple Rice Salad” with white long-grain rice, which is fine …However, I have drastically changed many of my eating habits to include more beneficial ingredients for my body, mind, and soul. Black Jasmine Rice is one of my beneficial ingredients I love to blend into meals. Continue reading–>

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