My Steak and Guinness pies are a deliciously wonderful Irish comfort food for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration that combines tender sirloin steak, Guinness Stout, shallots,  sweet carrots, potatoes, button mushrooms, perfectly yet simply seasoned with only thyme and kosher salt and pepper.Irish-Inspired Steak and Guinness piesOne of the things I love about Irish Cuisine is it’s  down to earth qualities of consisting of simple ingredients, lightly seasoned yet so flavorful and comforting. Irish food doesn’t beg to be dolled up and tends to have a handsome yet rustic appearance.

Steak and Guinness Pie combines two of Ireland’s favorite menu items delicious beef and Guinness Stout. Is it a traditional Irish Cuisine? Not exactly, yet it has become favored over the years by the younger Irish and American-Irish generations. Traditionally Guinness Stout had one purpose and one purpose only to be consumed  by drinking at the local Irish pub or home with family and friends. Continue for recipe–>



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