Southern Cast Iron Ribeye Steak with Onions

Every Southern Spirited Lady needs to know how to fire up the perfect, tender, juicy, Cast Iron Ribeye Steak with Onions. Often, we have all been in a situation we want a nice thick, juicy, tender steak during the offseason of grilling; we are usually left with a mediocre pan cooked steak or worse yet, an awful oven broiled tasteless steak.

Today, I am going to prove you don’t need a grill to enjoy the perfect Ribeye steak cooked indoors. You can make a delicious steak right in the comfort of your own kitchen using your favorite well-seasoned cast iron skillet.

Cast Iron Cooked Ribeye Steaks


Picking the perfect Ribeye Steak:

  1. Look for a Ribeye with bright red color. A good Ribeye steak should look full of life, not gray or dull looking.
  2. Pick an aged Ribeye steak if possible; it will often taste better than freshly butchered meat. The aging process allows the flavor of the Ribeye steak to develop and for the flesh to become deliciously tender.
  3. For maximum flavor; the perfect Ribeye steak is at least an inch thick,  or more. Steaks that are thinner than this will struggle to attain the characteristic flavor and texture that make the steak so distinctively delicious.
  4. Heavy marbling is a classic sign that should be obvious in a quality Ribeye steak; the fat melts into the steak, creating a buttery richness that die-hard Ribeye steak lovers claim are second to none.
  5. The proportion of the Ribeye steaks are important; when you are holding the rib-eye steak the Ribeye with the widest part with the “eye of the steak” at the top,  the top piece around the eye should be well proportioned and there should be a decent-sized of defined fat at the “eye” of the Ribeye steak.
  6. Check with your supplier and make sure you choose a Ribeye steak that comes from the middle part of the ribs since that is usually the tenderest cut of a Ribeye.

Now that you have won half the battle of picking the perfect Ribeye steak to let’s move forward to your favorite cast iron skillet; You will want to use a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, not a brand new one you have recently purchased at the department store.

Old school Southern Belles will all offer you several ways to season your new cast iron skillet; however, I am going to share my simple method with you of How to season your new cast iron skillet with ease.

How to season your new cast iron skillet:

  1. Rinse the brand new cast iron skillet with extremely hot water. Do not use soap or harsh cleaning agents. Be sure you have removed the factory coating on your cast iron skillet before using by making a heavy paste of kosher salt and water, if necessary.
  2. Using a clean and dry towel thoroughly dry your cast iron skillet.
  3. Spread a thin layer of solid shortening or cottonseed oil over the interior and the exterior surface of the cast iron skillet, including the handle and the underside of any lids.
  4. Place the cast iron skillet upside down on the top oven rack, be sure to line the second oven rack with aluminum foil.
  5. Bake at 350° for 1 hour. Turn off the oven, leaving the door closed, and allow the cast iron skillet to cool completely before removing from the oven.
  6. Religiously use your cast iron skillet to fry bacon, sausage, and fried chicken you’ll be perfectly seasoned in no time flat.
  7. Wash the skillet by hand using extremely hot water and a sponge or stiff brush. Avoid using the dishwasher, soap, or steel wool, as these may strip the pan’s seasoning. To remove stuck-on food, scrub the pan with a paste of coarse kosher salt and water.
  8. Always thoroughly dry and lightly season your cast iron skillet as needed to keep cast iron from rusting while not in use.
Southern Cast Iron Ribeye Steak with Onions
Items needed:
  • Cast Iron Skillet
  • Long metal tongs
  • Heavy duty or thick oven mitts
  • Meat Thermometer, optional
Ingredients Needed for Recipe
  • 2 Quality 1 to 1-1/2-inch thick  Ribeye steaks with heavy marbling
  • Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning, to own taste
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of cottonseed oil, or an oil for high heat
  • 1 large Vidalia onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons of real unsalted butter
  • kosher salt
  • fresh ground pepper
  • 1 ounce of quality whiskey

Southern Cast Iron Ribeye Steak
Prep Time
35 mins
Cook Time
12 mins
Total Time
47 mins
Every Southern Spirited Lady needs to know how to fire up the perfect, tender, juicy, Cast Iron Ribeye Steak with Onions. Often, we have all been in a situation we want a nice thick, juicy, tender steak during the offseason of grilling; we are usually left with a mediocre pan cooked steak or worse yet, an awful oven broiled tasteless steak.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Southern
Keyword: Steak
Servings: 2 People
Author: hmccallum
  • 2 Quality 1-1/2-inch thick Ribeye steaks with heavy marbling
  • Cajun Seasoning, to own taste
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 large Vidalia onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons Unsalted butter
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • 1 ounce Quality whiskey
  1. Remove packaging and pat Ribeye steak dry with paper towels. Line a plate with paper towels, place meat on top and set aside to dry further and come to cool room temperature 35 minutes or longer. Turn the Ribeye occasionally; replace paper towels as needed.
  2. Liberally season both of the sides of your quality Ribeye with Slap Ya Mama Cajun seasoning.
  3. Heat a heavy-duty extra large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat; when you are choosing the size of the pan, think about accommodating the meat with just a little space between the steaks, If too tightly packed, the meat will steam and you won’t get a good crust on your Ribeye steak. Too much space may cause the rendered fat to burn on the exposed surface of the pan.
  4. Place 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of cottonseed oil in heavy-duty cast iron skillet.
  5. Add Ribeye steaks that have been well-seasoned and have sat out at least 35 minutes before placing in the well-heated cast iron skillet.
  6. Don’t move the Ribeye steak at all for at least 3-4 minutes; as the steak sears and contracts, it will naturally release; be patient when cooking your Ribeye steaks and most of the browned crust will remain on the steak and not on the bottom of the cast iron skillet. Once both sides are well browned, turn down the heat and cook on both sides until the steak is done to your liking.
  7. Remove Ribeye steaks; let rest for about 10-12 minutes before serving.
  8. Meanwhile, preheat cast iron skillet on medium heat again, place 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter in cast iron skillet once heated; allow butter to completely melt before adding one large thinly sliced Vidalia onion, sprinkle kosher salt and freshly ground black peppers liberally over onions. Do not disturb onions for about 4 minutes, turn onions, let onions cook undisturbed for another 4 minutes.
  9. Add 1 ounce of whiskey to onions, cook for about 2 minutes before removing from heat.
  10. Serve onions over Ribeye steaks once plated.




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