#TheWeekendSocial – Week 24


Hello , friends and fans  !  I want to warmly Welcome you to The Weekend Social !  Thank you to  ALL  who stopped by last week, and linked up with those fabulous recipes!! We LOVE to see the number of participants growing each week. We had so many wonderful recipes last week! I was so excited dropping by each one of the pages and seeing how much love  ,  hard work  , and all the  dedication  goes into each and every one of your recipes!

I would like to encourage you to interact with your fellow guests ,  drop by their blog and say  “ Hello” .  Let them know that you noticed their recipe at the party ! Everyone  loves  when they  are recognized  and  appreciated for the hard work and dedication they put into their blog posts ,  photos and recipes !

Once again Thank you ALL  for being a part of the Weekend Social ! Let’s get this party going and announce our features of the week !!!

We have two new bloggers to feature this week  and there are a few fun perks we will also give for being a featured blog .  The weekly features are highlighted on our social media . They are also spotlighted on the Weekend Social !

Congratulations to our Weekly Features Below

Each week The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch Spotlights Two Features ! One we personally endorse ourselves, and the other you the FANS actually pick! How that works , is the recipe clicked the MOST becomes one of the features on our page !


The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch Featured Link Recipe

Ginger Cilantro Chicken Burger W/Ancho Chile Mayo

Mile High Ginger Cilantro Chicken Burger with Ancho Chile Mayo
I can see how this Chicken Burger got its name Mile High Ginger Cilantro Chicken Burger with Ancho Chile Mayo for sure! You have to drop by The Lazy Mom’s Cooking Blog  and check out the recipe for this one ! The ingredients are FRESH and SIMPLE ! The FLAVOR seems to POP right out as soon as you read the recipe!!!

The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch Most Clicked Feature

Simple DIY Fabric Flip Flops
The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch

This is easily a $2 – $3 project and can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Can you believe how wonderful that is? When is the last time you were able to make something you LOVE for as little as $2 -$3 ? You absolutely have  to drop by About a Mom  and see how this is done !

Want to be our NEXT feature on The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch?

Take a look at some of the facts that help guarantee you being considered!

Just like most real life parties, link parties have a bit of social etiquette that go along with them. So be sure to take a look below before you link up.



If you enjoy our parties, share them with your friends by grabbing a badge below! You never know when your recipe(s) might be featured at one our next parties!

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Add your recipe link here, and enjoy the party











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