Pick of #HotRecipes to #TryOut and #Recommend , Week #5

The McCallum’s Pick of Hot #Recipes to #Try Out and #Recommend , Week #5

Hey everyone! Guess what time it is? That’s right everyone it’s the The McCallum’s Pick of Hot Recipes to Try Out and Recommend , Week #5 ! I am so excited this week I found some SUPER Awesome recipes that I am just dying to try!! As you can see I’m on a Sweets and Meat kick this week! I have Happily blogged them for you, along with a short Blurb from the Lovely ladies in which created these Tasty recipes! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!
Heidy Linn McCallum

#Asian Style Glazed #Meatballs with Sticky #Rice
Asian Style Glazed Meatballs with Sticky Rice

You can use any meat combination you choose, no pork , all pork, ground turkey , beef or chicken really anything goes in this dish. The secret, however, is in the sauce . We used fresh grated ginger in the meatballs and fresh sliced ginger in the sauce and the flavor the fresh ginger imparts is immeasurable . If you do not have fresh ginger you can opt for ground ginger as well.
Kitchen Dreaming , Ronda

#Chicken #Pepita #Mole
CLICK HERE To See Chicken Pepita Mole

Pepitas or Pumpkin seeds are a good source or protein, potassium, iron and zinc; served raw, roasted, in the shell or not, they are great sprinkled in salads for a “crunch” or as a coating for chicken with spices
What’s on the List , Joanne 

 #Oreo #Butter
CLICK HERE To See Oreo Butter

You and your kids, especially your kids, are going to love me for sharing this with you. All you need to create this amazing treat is just two ingredients and a food processor.
Anyonita Nibbles , Anyonita 

#Lemon #Cheesecake Squares with Fresh #Berries
CLICK HERE To See Lemon Cheesecake Squares with Fresh Berries

The tang from the fresh lemons is a perfect match with the creamy cheesecake. No extra sugar in the crust and just enough sweetness in the batter to compliment the zing from the lemons.
The Foodie Affair , Sandra 

#Sweet & #Salty #Summer
CLICK HERE To See Sweet & Salty Summer Pie

Almost everyone got a second helping of this pie – the best sign that the recipe is a hit!
The Love Nerds , Maggie 

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