The McCallum’s Pick of #HotRecipes to #TryOut and Recommend , Week #3

#Top 5 #McCallum #Recipe Picks

Guess what time it is? That’s right everyone it’s the The McCallum’s Pick of Hot Recipes to Try Out and Recommend , Week #3 ! I am so excited this week I found some SUPER Awesome recipes that I am just dying to try!! I have blogged them for you along with a short Blurb from the Lovely ladies in which created the recipes! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did!
Heidy Linn McCallum

“A fabulous way to let your lil’ “chefs in training” help make a fun and healthy dessert! When making fruit kabobs, there are no rules…let your tastes, creativity and what’s available seasonally help guide your choices.”
Meal Planning Maven

“Puttanesca sauce is a spicy sauce traditionally made using pantry staples that are kept in most Italian kitchens – tomatoes, pepperoncini or red pepper flakes, anchovies, olives and capers.”
Winelady Cooks

“Oreo cookies meet brownie in an unbelievable way in this deliciously sinful dessert! If you are an Oreo lover, you’ll sink into this without second thought.”
Anyonita Nibbles

“Everyone loves hot bread right out of the oven. This moist bread has a lovely swirl of cinnamon and maple syrup in the middle to entice you even more. Have your piece warm with butter or dip it in egg and have French toast. Either way you won’t be disappointed!”
In the Kitchen with Jenny

We’ve always been pepperoni pizza fans, but you can add whatever toppings you want. We’ve also done plain cheese, peppers/carrots/spinach and herbs (make sure to sauté the harder veggies in olive oil first), and one of my other favorites was BBQ chicken with fresh corn and cilantro. Annie’s makes a line of organic BBQ sauces, and Whole Foods has a nice variety to try out! Make sure to cut up some fresh herbs to sprinkle on any pizza. I say this a lot, but they really make a difference in this particular recipe. Basil and Oregano are a good choice for pepperoni.
Family Gone Healthy


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