ST. Patrick's Day Recipes

Traditional Irish Soda BreadThere are many Irish Soda Breads on the net however  this one is 100%  traditional. There are 4 simple ingredients if that doesn’t excite you maybe this will… This bread does not require a fancy Bread maker or heavy-duty mixer. You also wont be kneading this dough forever…How amazing is that?

Dublin Lawyer , Lobster with Irish Whiskey Cream SauceDublin Lawyer is a wonderful rich flavorful recipe that our family considers amazingly decadent… Dublin Lawyer combines butter-sauteed lobster meat with Irish Whiskey and rich heavy cream. Traditionally is placed back in the lobster tail– I prefer it out of the shell and to use the claws as the dramatic center of attention. You can do yours either way you prefer.

drunken-mussels-by-heidy-mccallum-the-mccallums-shamrock-patch-Drunken Irish Mussels in Guinness Sauce are fresh mussels deliciously flavored by heavy cream, fresh lemon juice, sweet butter and various other flavors. It’s a wonderful American-Irish tradition in our home. It’s enjoyed slowly with a delicious Guinness beer and bread to sop up the tasty sauces.

Irish Colcannon RecipeIn the past charms were mixed in with  Colcannon… Depending on what charm you would find, it was seen as important for the future. A button meant you would remain a bachelor and a thimble meant you would remain a spinster for the coming year. A ring meant you would get married, and a coin meant you would come into wealth. Others filled their socks with Colcannon and hung them from the handle of the front door in  belief that the first man through the door would be their future husband.

Irish Beef and Guinness StewIrish Beef and Guinness Stew is tasty yet simple It ‘s  not a large combination of spices or even ingredients… It is a warm delicious comfort food …one that caresses your skin on that cold winter night and brings warmth to your belly. Traditional Irish cooks don’t trouble themselves with fancy cookware and gadgets to make most Irish dishes. They don’t even have elaborate recipes they choose to follow. They do have TWO things of importance that factors into their cooking and that is TRADITION and LOVE.

Dublin CoddleDublin Coddle is one of Ireland’s oldest and finest ways to use up leftovers from the week. Generally there has never been a specific recipe… there are some basics to the recipe. You will always pretty much find Rashers, pork sausages, potatoes, onions and broth… You might luck out and find a hint of barley. The seasoning is very simple consisting of only salt,  pepper, a smidgen of Guinness beer and finely some parsley. This is all simmered together in one pot for an ULTIMATE Winter Wonderland of Comfort Food!

Shepherds PieShepherd’s Pie is a type of savory pie with minced meat and mashed potato on top –  This is my original recipe that I used when I had little ones in the house it can easily be scaled down to fit your needs. I  now use a “Single” Pyrex dish method for servings since it’s just the two of us in the house.

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