Chicken and Berry Salad

Chicken and Berry Salad is an amazing way to wrap up summer with a beautiful bang. It’s so simple and budget friendly to make this amazing salad combining leftover Mojito Chicken or any of your favorite grilled chicken, fresh juicy, succulent blackberries and strawberries and a fresh spring mix with a wonderful refreshing Blackberry Mint Balsamic Dressing to tie it all together.

Labor Day is coming and we will soon be heading into the season of Everything Pumpkin, Homemade Soups, and of course the everyday casseroles that the cooler fall weather brings. While I do love the fall weather I want to be able to still enjoy and a delicious summer salad with fresh berries and grilled chicken, don’t you?

Chicken and Berry Salad is such stunning and fabulous way of making the most of your leftover chicken combined with fresh juicy, succulent blackberries and strawberries and a fresh spring mix with a wonderful refreshing Blackberry Mint Balsamic Dressing to tie it all together.

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Mexican-Style Creamed Corn

Mexican-Style Creamed Corn is the perfect simple to make,  almost foolproof side dish for almost any meal you enjoy corn with, combining a deliciously sweet, freshly picked, organic corn on the cob, rich heavy cream,  a drizzle of organic honey, sweet unsalted butter, a touch of minced jalapeño peppers, chopped organic cilantro and a hint of freshly squeezed lime juice to really bring out the wonderful flavors of the freshly picked sweet corn.

I love this time of year,  the sweet corn is in full swing here on the Tennessee, Mississippi border and there is nothing that compares to using  the freshest, sweetest, juiciest,  corn on the cob you can find over at the  farmers market when you’re considering making  this recipe for Mexican-Style Creamed Corn.

Mexican Cream Corn 1Creamed Corn has always been a touch and go subject with me, if I can make it from scratch I simply adore the sweet yummy flavor, however, I am pretty much anti-canned corn these days, and meh on frozen corn most of the time. I know sometimes we have to substitute a few fresh ingredients during the winter freeze if I have to substitute corn than I guess I would pick frozen organic corn over the canned corn any day. Continue reading

Southern-style Bacon wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

Southern-style Bacon wrapped Jalapeño Poppers aren’t your ordinary old Jalapeño Poppers that you’ll find at your local watering hole or Bar and Grill, these deliciously spicy, smoky Jalapeño peppers have been hollowed out, then filled to the brim with cream cheese that has been seasoned with Cajun seasoning then wrapped in thick slices bacon and grilled to perfection on the Bbq.

If you loved the original-style Jalapeño Poppers, these Southern-style Bacon wrapped Jalapeño Poppers are going to totally blow your mind as soon as you pop one in your mouth; you’re going to wonder why you ever settled for merely serving those breaded and fried Jalapeño Poppers all these years for appetizers. I  almost  can imagine you murmuring to yourself, “For the love of Bacon why did I wait so long to try these delicious tasting addicting appetizers?”

Southern-style Bacon wrapped Jalapeño Poppers aren't your ordinary old Jalapeño Poppers that you'll find at your local watering hole or Bar and Grill, these deliciously spicy, smoky Jalapeño peppers have been hollowed out, then filled to the brim with cream cheese that has been seasoned with Cajun seasoning then wrapped in thick slices bacon and grilled to perfection on the bbq.Have you ever had the original poppers that were jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese or sometimes mild cheddar cheese, then battered and deep-fried? Basically, they pretty much remind me of an Americanized spicier version of Chiles Rellenos you can find served in most Mexican restaurants. Tasty sure, but not considered in my book to be damn delicious like Southern-style Bacon wrapped Jalapeño Poppers. Continue reading


Creamy Linguine with Seafood is a delicious linguine pasta dish combined with gulf shrimp, lump crabmeat. fresh steamed veggies consisting of zucchini, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and roasted red sweet peppers covered in a thick creamy Alfredo cheese sauce made from a rich heavy cream, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Romano cheese, garlic, and seasoned to perfection with Italian herbs and spices.

I’ve read there’s an old Italian story that in sometime around the early 1900’s,  a man named Alfredo di Lelio from Rome, Italy was trying to cook something that would satisfy his lovely expectant wife. He  decided to whip up a decadent creamy cheese sauce made from the finest parmesan cheese he could find and butter, then he ladled the thick rich sauce over some pasta. Alfredo Di Lelio would later open up restaurants in Italy and then New York with his rich creamy cheesy pasta dish on the menu for his famous customers. Which sheds some light on how this dish entered the US.Seafood LinguineAlfredo sauce can be a touchy subject with old school Italians; many will be the first to tell you “Alfredo sauce” is almost completely nonexistent  in Italy, although there are many recipes for pasta sauces that are similar and often based on combining butter and Parmigiano. For example, gnocchi, egg noodles, and meatless ravioli are served with melted butter and freshly grated Parmigiano cheese the recipe is simply titled “al burro”, with butter. In Rome, Italy egg noodles with butter and Parmigiano are often called, “Alla Romana”, roman-style. Continue reading

Homemade Sweet BBQ Sauce

How many of you enjoy a deliciously sweet, dark, thick BBQ Sauce, Homemade Sweet BBQ Sauce? If you love your sweet BBQ Sauces, this easy to make recipe is for you. It’s  thick, rich, consistency is perfect for delicious BBQ chicken, and pork recipes made on your grill or even in your oven on rainy days this summer.

I think it’s fairly safe to say so many of us Americans love our BBQ sauces, I really don’t think I have met 1 person over the years that didn’t love a good homemade BBQ Sauce. Now, some have their favorite style of BBQ Sauce, that’s for sure; I happen to be  more of a Kansas City-Style BBQ sauce junkie, and I really  love a thick, tangy yet sweet, dark and  slightly spicy flavor to my sauces.


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Southern-Style Ambrosia Salad

Years ago, the decadent sweet iconic dessert Southern Ambrosia Salad would  start as a simple 3 ingredient dessert recipe consisting of only freshly grated coconut , orange pulp or sliced oranges, and a bit of sugar, these days it has become the epic experience depending on who is in charge of making this  vintage Southern Dessert.

My recipe for Ambrosia Salad is the very one my momma made on special occasions such as the Christmas holidays, potlucks, family gatherings in the summer, and so forth when we were children; laden with fluffy white marshmallows, sweet coconut flakes,  fresh pineapple chunks, juicy mandarin orange segments, homemade whipped cream and sour cream.

Did that girl just say, “Her momma used sour cream?” Oh yes, I most certainly did y’all, there would be no such thing as vanilla yogurt or cottage cheese added in this wonderful Southern concoction of my momma’s. Sour cream may be a little more fattening but you have no idea the delicious wonderful flavor it lends this wonderful dessert we fondly call Ambrosia Salad.

Southern Ambrosia Salad imageHave you ever wondered what the word “Ambrosia” means? If you were to look it up in the dictionary you would see it actually has a wonderful meaning that really seems so fitting for this fabulous  dessert salad we call Ambrosia Salad. Continue reading

The History of Caprese Salad {Insalata Caprese}

The first mention of  the beloved Caprese Salad {Insalata Caprese} was in the early 1920s, Caprese Salad appeared on the Hotel Quisisana menu;  where  Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, founder of Futurism, in the summer of 1924 protested  pasta calling it “outdated”.

Many years later, in the 1950s, it is noted that King Farouk, having requested a menu item that would be light on his stomach, as an afternoon appetizer, was served a bread encasing fresh mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes and the fresh herb basil.

THE HISTORY OF CAPRESE SALAD {INSALATA CAPRESE}Caprese Salad {Insalata Caprese}is definitely one of the discoveries of the twentieth century; with vast tourism taking place, the Caprese no longer would be called a Capri recipe, it became an international dish. Meanwhile, the Caprese Salad would become very much so improved when the traditional vaccine mozzarella was replaced with bufala mozzarella, a dairy product typical of Campania, Italy. Continue reading